5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep with a Cold

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by Jessica Flynn

Comfort is a great way to help your infant make it through a cold. Babies like the feeling of knowing their parent is close to them at all times especially when sick. You might notice your infant expressing more attachment then usual for comfort when your little one is sick. So cuddle up!
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Patting a baby on the back when they’re really congested seems to help loosen things up so baby can breath better. This combined with comfort before bedtime may relax your baby enough to help them fall asleep and breath easier.

Humidifiers, preferably a cold one, so there is no chance of baby getting burned, is one of the number one things pediatritions recommend for colds. It has definitely worked wonders for my family so I do suggest putting one in your babies room to help them breath better. So this combined with comfort and patting in your babies room should hit the spot.

Suctioning your baby’s nose before bed time or any other time when your baby has a hard time breathing will help your baby breathe better, and when your baby can breathe better they will be able to sleep better.

Bath time or should I say sponge bath? Is always a great way to help a baby relax especially if they have a low fever. So a warm rag to sponge your baby down before pajama time will be a good way to help your baby relax for that rough night with a cold.


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