Classic Read-a-Loud’s for 7- to 11-Year-Old Boys

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Sometimes it’s hard to get young boys to pick up a book to read. One way to encourage young children to read is to read to them. Start a family story time, and in time your boys will want to read great stories like these on their own.

Of course these books are enjoyed by a lot of girls, too, however, I picked books that my boys ages 5, 9, and 9, have either already enjoyed or have shown an interest in reading.

books for boys

Many of these books can be purchased very inexpensively on Amazon, for as little as a few pennies. I have also had good luck finding some of these books at yard sales and thrift stores.

We are currently reading The Black Stallion out loud together, and my boys are really enjoying it. I read it as a child and I had forgotten at how well the author gets your attention, right from the first page. One of my sons said that most books are boring at the beginning before they get to the action, but not this book! It is all action from page one, perfect for a boy who likes a good adventure.

So far their all time favorite is Where the Red Fern Grows. When we first started reading out loud together I was skeptical that they were really enjoying it. When I started reading that book they didn’t want to put it down. They just loved it, and it made me realize I wasn’t wasting my time after all. Here are our favorites, in no particular order.

Have fun on your reading adventure! If I have left out any of your family’s favorite stories for boys, leave me a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.


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