3 Ways to Make Toddler Bath Time Fun

With one toddler and one preschooler, bath time can get pretty crazy at times. Here on vpntag.com are three sure hits that we use at our house to help make it fun and manageable.


1. Invest in swim goggles, the kids love to wear them and it really helps keep the soap and water from getting into their little eyes.


2. The turkey baster, yup, it isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore. I received one as a baby shower gift with a note attached informing me that it was a “must have” for newborn bath time. Well, my oldest child is getting ready for kindergarten, and he and his sibling love squirting each other in the tub with it.


3. Bubbles. The kind that the kids blow outside. You can have them blow bubbles, while you are cleaning all of their parts. It is great in the winter time, since we can’t blow bubbles in the snow. ThisĀ Dapple detergent is perfect for this.


Sometimes the not so obvious make the so obvious of solutions. Bath time isn’t just for Saturday night anymore.


Easy tips and ideas for making toddler bathtime more fun!


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