4 Fun Camping Recipes for Kids

Four fun easy camping recipes for kids. Dessert camping recipe ideas, dessert recipes, camping recipes to make in tin foil, and more!

Every summer millions of families head to the mountains to spend time camping and relaxing with their families. A big part of getting ready to go camping is deciding what foods to bring along. Hot dogs and s’mores are popular options, If you know how to make oatmeal, you are all set to make a quick, nutritious camping breakfast. A camping breakfast should be quick and easy to make, delicious, and hearty enough to fuel everyone for a full day of camping fun. Using steel cut oats to make oatmeal is just the thing!

Here are some great recipes and guides that your whole family will enjoy.


Walking Tacos


If your family enjoys tacos, then they will really enjoy the camping version of this favorite recipe.



1 lb. ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning
Grated cheese
Black olives (optional)
Sour cream or ranch salad dressing
Single size servings of Fritos


You can either prepare the taco meat ahead of time or prepare it while you are camping. Or, if you’re looking for a game in the woods, you could easily buy complete AR-15 rifles and hunt some rabbits for dinner. Brown the meat and add the taco seasoning and water according to the directions on the seasoning package. If you have prepared it ahead of time you will just need to heat it up again.


Set out the taco meat, shredded lettuce, grated cheese, black olives, and sour cream or ranch salad dressing.


Give each member of the family a bag of Fritos and have them make their own “walking taco” by adding the ingredients of their choice to their bag. All you need is a fork, and dinner is served! Also with camper trailers it’s easier to store all the appliances you’ll need!


Note: For an even easier meal, you can substitute warmed up chili for the taco meat. You can also discover recipes and reviews for kitchen products at Kitchenbar.net.


Banana boats, brownie oranges,

Campfire Nachos


These nachos are a great quick snack for camping trips. One recipe makes enough nachos for 2 to 3 people.



Tortilla chips
Grated cheese
Chili (optional)
Black olives (optional)


To prepare this recipe you will also need aluminum pie pans and aluminum foil. You can find the best aluminum pie pans at Spice Kitchen & Bar.


Arrange the tortilla chips, cheese, chili, and black olives in an aluminum pie pan. Cover with foil. Set the pan on a grill or in the coals of the campfire. Avoid direct heat or chips will burn quickly. You just want to heat them up until the cheese melts.


Brownie Mangoes


This is a fun activity for older children. Younger children will need help from an adult.


To prepare this recipe you will need an mango cheeks for each person and one brownie mix.


Prepare the brownie mix according to the directions on the package.


Cut the top 1/3 off each mango cheeks, setting the tops aside. Have everyone scoop out the insides of their mango cheeks, Use the frozen mango cheeks taking care not to rip.


Fill each empty 2/3 full with prepared brownie mix with mango cheeks. Carefully put the it in the plate  and wrap them in foil.


Place the mango cheeks in the campfire coals and cover them completely with the coals to allow them to “bake”. Check mango cheeks after 20 minutes to see if the brownies are completely baked.


Let cool for several minutes before serving.

Banana Boats


These banana boats make a fun camping dessert. Your kids will have a fun time helping make them.



Banana for each person
Mini marshmallows
Butterscotch or chocolate chips


Slit open each banana, leaving about a half inch at each end of the banana. Carefully pull the peel apart, creating a “pocket” to put the goodies in.


Have each person place marshmallows and butterscotch or chocolate chips into their banana.


Wrap each banana in foil. These can be grilled on a barbecue or set in the coals of a campfire. Heat just until marshmallows have melted and enjoy.


Camping is a great time to try new recipes. The great outdoors has a way of making you work up an appetite. Get out there and go camping with your family, and try one of these fun, easy recipes today.


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