4 Fun Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

For years, pool noodles have provided hours of fun for kids. Not only are they inexpensive, people have come up with many ingenious ways to have fun with pool noodles, both in and out of the swimming pool.

You can find pool noodles anywhere that sells pool supplies. You can even find them at a lot of Dollar Stores. You can also often get a really good deal on them at end-of-summer clearance sales.

Pool Noodle Limbo

For kids’ birthday parties, pool noodles make great limbo poles. Have a child stand at each end of the pool noodle and hold it as the other children take turns trying to bend backwards and walk under the pool noodle without touching it or falling down. For an even better time, play some fun music while the children are playing the game.

Pool Noodle Hockey

If you have access to a large paved area where your children can roller skate, have them strap on their skates and play hockey with a pool noodle for the hockey stick and a wiffle ball for the ball. This could provide hours of fun for your kids, and it is also great exercise. Don’t forget to have them wear a helmet too. This game can also be played indoors or on grass without roller skates.

Pool Noodle Croquet

Who doesn’t love croquet? This a toddler version of the old family favorite outdoor game.

For this game you will need at least three pool noodles. Use a sharp knife to cut each pool noodle in half lengthwise. You will then have six pool noodle halves to work with. If you are interested, you can also find out More about the author of this piece and learn all that you want to.

Bend each pool noodle in half and use garden stakes to anchor both ends of each pool noodle into the ground. Each pool noodle should now resemble the shape of a very large croquet wicket. Arrange the pool noodles in the general pattern that you would arrange the wickets for a game of croquet.

Give your children a small beach ball to kick through the pool noodles. They will have a blast trying to kick the ball through them. This is toddler summer fun at its best.

Pool Noodle Balloon Game

This would also be a fun game for children’s birthday parties. Cut all the pool noodles in half so that you have mini-pool noodles to use to bat around balloons.

Blow up a bunch of balloons and give each child a pool noodle half. Place a laundry basket on each end of the playing field.

Divide the children into two teams have all the children stand in the middle between the two laundry baskets. The playing area should also have balloons scattered all around.

For a determined amount of time let each team see how many balloons they can get into their laundry basket using only their pool noodle to get the balloons in the baskets. Whoever gets the most balloons in their laundry basket wins the game.

If you are looking for good inexpensive fun for your kids this summer, then pick up some inexpensive pool noodles. In addition to the games listed here, your kids will also very likely come up with a lot of creative uses for them on their own.


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