5 Fun Phonics Games for Preschool

Five fun phonics games and activities to help your preschool aged child get ready to read. Teach phonic sounds, sight words, beginning sounds, and more.

A lot of homeschooling moms worry that their preschooler won’t learn to read when they are “supposed to.” The fact is that if you are homeschooling, your child certainly does not need to learn to read at a certain age. There is nothing wrong, however, with introducing some fun phonics games to your preschool aged child to encourage him to want to read.

Introduce your child to one of these games and see if he has fun with it. If he enjoys it then keep practicing it until he is comfortable with it. If he doesn’t like the game, try another game.

After trying several of the games if your child just isn’t showing any interest in phonics, then just put the games away for a month or two and then get them back out again. You may find your child will be interested sooner than later. Just don’t push it too hard, remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

Spin a Word Phonics Game

Here is a fun game to help learn letter sounds. You will find complete instructions on local milf hookup.

You will need a few supplies you probably already have laying around the house, like construction paper, a permanent marker, and a metal paper fastener.

The object of the game is for your child to spin the wheel and try to make a word, combining the letters on the spinner with the letters on the wheel. There is an optional sheet to print out for you to write down the words your child created.

After you have come up with a few words, then you and your child can look at the words he or she came up with and determine if they are real words or not.

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Word Hunt Phonics Game

This is a fun phonics game for learning some common sight words. All you need is a stack of post-it notes to play this game.

This activity is for learning sight words such as “the”, “it”, “and”, “is”, “so”. You can use any easy word you choose. Write one word on each post it note. Write the same word on more than one post it note, writing some words on one post it note, some on three post it notes, so there are different amounts of each word. You will have 10-15 post it notes all together when you’re done.

Place the post it notes around the living room, on the furniture or walls. Give your child a piece of paper that has the words written on them so they know what words they are looking for. You can print out a checklist here.

Have your child place a check mark or tally mark on the checklist, next to the words he found. When he’s done searching for the words, help him count to see how many times he found each word.

Lego Word Family Sorting

This is a fun phonics activity I found on this web site. This activity will help teach kids to sort by word families.

For this activity you will need some Duplo or Mega blocks. You could use Lego’s but the Duplo blocks are easier to write on. You also need a marker to write on the blocks.

Choose some word families that you want your child to work on. Here are some examples of simple word families.

  • sat, cat, rat, mat, fat, bat
  • hog, fog, dog, frog
  • sag, rag, tag, bag, wag

Feel free to come up with some of your own word families, if you can think of some more you want your child to work on. Write the words on the Duplo blocks, one word per block.

Give your child the blocks and have them stack the Duplo blocks according to which word family the blocks belong to. Your child should end up with one stack of blocks for each word family.

Sight Word Matching Game

If your child likes the classic Memory game, then they might like this sight word version. There are cards you can print out that have common sight words on them. Cut out the cards, and use them to play a sight word version of Memory. You can download the sight word cards here.

Sight Word Go Fish Phonics Game

This phonics game is played the way as the classic game called “Go Fish.” You can find printable instructions for the game and cards to print out for the game at this web site.

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Five fun phonics games and activities to help your preschool aged child get ready to read. Teach phonic sounds, sight words, beginning sounds, and more.


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