50 States Magnetic Puzzle Map

Puzzles are great for preschool-aged children. We started out with the 24 piece jigsaw puzzles recommended for ages 3+. My 4 1/2-yr-old boys quickly graduated to 50 and 60 piece puzzles.


Not all children will be really interested in puzzles, but if your child does show an interest, don’t be afraid to get harder and harder puzzles, even if the puzzle says it is for older children.


My boys’ great-grandma recently brought them a magnetic puzzle. It is not a jigsaw puzzle in that it does not have interlocking pieces, but the pieces attach to a board magnetically.


This is nice because the pieces don’t fall off. Your child can do the puzzle in his lap, and it travels well, which makes it a great car and travelling activity.


This particular magnetic puzzle is a map of the United States. It is recommended for ages 4-8. This puzzle is a great way to introduce geography to your preschool-aged child. My boys really enjoyed doing the puzzle.


We thought it might be too hard for them, but they had no problem putting it together. Besides learning the locations of the states, they also learn things like what a state is known for. It doesn’t take them long to recognize apples come from Washington, oranges from Florida, etc. It also comes with a book with more statistics and facts for each state.


The only real drawback of this puzzle is that it has several very small pieces. Just make sure to keep away from very small children.


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