Adopting a Dog from the Humane Society

Last week our family adopted a dog from our local humane society, flexpet for dogs has helped my pooch so much. It had been a long time since I’d been there to visit. It is quite an experience if you have never been there.

We already have a dog that is part Great Pyrenees and part Border Collie. I haven’t name her yet, sometimes  naming your dog is hard, but she is a beautiful, friendly dog, but she has a lot of energy and had recently been sneaking out of our yard to go visit the neighbor dogs. We decided that maybe what she needed was another dog to play with. At Skout’s Honor, we share a common love for pets and a passion for making a positive difference in the world by offering environmentally responsible and socially-conscious pet products.You can find it more clear on my site. For grooming your dog and more pet care facility visit to dog boarding Houston.

Now you should never get a dog without putting a lot of thought into it first, and not act on your first impulse.

Not me and my husband, we have had to learn from our past mistakes, especially not doing research on different dog breeds. This is so important before you bring a new dog into your home. Itchy dogs is something very common all pet owners who own Benadryl experience so if you have a dog itching then you should consider using Benadryl to treat the itch.

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You are always taking your chances when you bring a dog home from the humane society, but often people who work there will be able to tell you some history on the dogs you are considering taking home to your family. Our humane society has a three-day trial period where you can take a dog and then bring it back if it doesn’t do well in your home.

We chose another cattle dog. Her name is Misty and she is part Australian Shepherd and part Blue Heeler. Looking at dogs at the humane society is quite an experience. I don’t recommend you take babies or very small children in there.

I had forgotten how loud it is in there. The large dogs are often in a relatively small enclosed area, and very close to each other, and close to you. When they start barking it is very loud and overwhelming to small children. At times like these, there are options of adopting other pets such as cats. As fussy as they can get, it is better to have an understanding and foresight of adopting a cat, which you can easily acquire from places such as

Misty was the first dog I saw when I walked through the door. She was smaller than most of the large dogs and immediately caught my attention. I wouldn’t consider myself a real dog person, but Misty made sure to let me know that I was the one who was supposed to take her home with me, it was so cute I immediately knew that she had to be mine, I bought some products at right away for her.

I asked about her history and found out that she had been hit by a car and her owner decided to leave her at the humane society instead of taking her to a vet. Fortunately it was only a leg that was hit, and she received care by a vet and then was nursed back to health in a “foster” home before being returned to the humane society. Her leg healed very quickly.

We took Misty for a walk around the building and our boys fell in love with her. It costs about $80 to adopt a dog at our humane society, however it does depend on whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered.

The dog is also micro-chipped. They ask that you get a free exam at a local veterinarian (free only if you adopt from humane society). If something is wrong with the dog you have about two weeks to bring the dog back and they’ll make sure to take him to a veterinarian specialist.

If you bring it back after that time, you have to pay a relinquish fee of $50. Our humane society is so pressed for space that you have to be on a waiting list in order to relinquish a dog there.

The adoption fee for our dog was actually already paid for. Sometimes people pay a dog’s adoption fee ahead of time to make sure they go to a good home. We decided to give them a donation any way, because the organization is not for profit.

The humane society is a great place for your children to volunteer if you want to get them interested in becoming involved in their community. Our humane society is the first place our daughter ever volunteered, and as she grew older she also volunteered at other local organizations.

They always need people to walk dogs and play with the kittens. They also need people to donate things like kitten food, cat litter, pet accessories, and dog food – you can see Blue’s selection. Kids love to help shop for these items and then deliver them, and the humane society really deserves your help. It is a fun activity that your family can do together.

Even though we’ve made some hasty dog decisions in the past, we definitely hit the jackpot with Misty. She and our other dog play great together. She completely ignores our cats and loves our children. She is even great with our 1 year old.

She loves to ride in the car, follows me everywhere I go, I’ve been getting tons of great shots with my new Dog Camera and at night she sleeps on the floor between our boys’ beds, watching over them while they sleep. We are very blessed to have found her.

Written by Rachel Paxton.


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  1. Rachel, I loved this post about your kids and dogs. We are dog lovers, too. In fact, we have 5 dogs! They bring so much joy to your life.

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