Are You Raising a Complainer?

People hate to wait. Have you noticed that? We hate to wait in lines. We don’t like to wait for our meals. We get angry about slow cars in front of us on the road and so much more.

This tendency of wanting things “now” has caused us to become complainers. We feel “entitled” to things when we have not earned them. And most of all, we are teaching our children to be complainers.

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They grumble over bad grades when they didn’t do their homework. Or, they want “rewards” in order to be motivated. I sure don’t want to allow this type of society to take me and turn me into a complainer. I don’t want my children to learn to be selfish and demanding.

I know that there are so many families searching and seeking to bring patience, compassion, joy and sensitivity back into their homes. Are you one of these families?

How can you raise grounded children in our “give me” type of world? I’ll tell you. You do it by withholding things from your children. Let them earn that new puppy by working for it instead of just giving it to them. Teach them patience by making them wait for their food at the table.

Instead of allowing your children to gobble their food and run, make them wait until everyone is served. Eat together as a family and then insist that your kids help you clean up. That also teaches them service.

Don’t reward your children with candy, money and gifts everytime they accomplish something. Instead, reward them with self-esteem and pride by giving them hugs and verbal praise.

A child who feels good about themselves doesn’t feel the need to be satisfied with material things. And if they feel content and satisfied, they won’t complain. I think people are ready for a change. That change can start with us as mothers.

If you can find it in your heart to be more patient and less complaining, your children will learn that from you and adapt that attitude as well. All it takes is for us to desire these character goals and put them into practice daily.

I don’t know if it will change a nation, but I know it can change my home. Let it change yours as well.

Dionna Sanchez strives to maintain patience in her home in Idaho. She is Editor of EmphasisOnMoms at


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