Australia Thailand Free Trade Agreement Certificate

You can find an example statement and a certificate here. In addition to the elimination of Tarrifs, there are a number of other important benefits for businesses under Thailand`s Free Trade Agreement Australia. The agreement provides for more open access for Australian companies to the services market in Thailand and a commitment to the future liberalisation of trade in services. Australian investors now have better access to opportunities in Thailand, with Australia`s majority stake allowed in certain activities such as construction services, ocean freight services, mining, restaurants and hotels and other sectors listed in the agreement. Visas and other requirements for the temporary entry of Australian businessmen into Thailand will be facilitated in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The application process will be streamlined, including access to the single visa and work permit procedures. A longer stay period is also allowed for business visa holders. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) support New Zealand distributors (exporters and importers) by improving access to partner markets and reducing barriers to trade (e.g. Β customs procedures) on these markets. Unlike AANZFTA, products exported from New Zealand to Malaysia under the MNZFTA do not require a certificate of origin issued by a New Zealand certification body. The claim that products are eligible for preferential tariff treatment must be supported by an export or production declaration (for more information, see fact sheet 44). Thailand is also a party to the AANZFTA agreement. Your foreign buyer/recipient may also want a CO before They pay you.

Please submit your TAFTA model by mail, in person or through our online certification services to the Victorian Chamber. If you would like it to be returned by mail, please attach a self-addressed Frenchized envelope.. . . .


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