Azure Enterprise Agreement Subscription

Microsoft Azure Enterprise is the default name when creating a subscription. You can change the name to distinguish it from other subscriptions in your registration and make sure it is recognizable in company-level reports. Azure AD is also used by software as a service application like Microsoft 365 and Azure Marketplace. Organizations that already use locally active can use their existing infrastructure and expand cloud authentication by integrating Azure AD into Azure AD. Each AD Azure directory has one or more domains. Many subscriptions can be assigned to a directory, but only one Azure AD customer. Account distance can only be made for active accounts without an active subscription. After being added to a registration account associated with an account owner, Azure uses the account-to-register relationship to determine where the subscription fee should be charged. All subscriptions created on the account are billed to the EA registration in which the account is located. To create subscriptions, you need to share values for the registration account and user principles for subscription ownership. We provide the public preview of the subscription environment on the Azure portal. This feature is aimed directly at the ability to create multiple business subscriptions using the API subscription.

This experience is fully integrated into the Azure portal and allows you to quickly create an EA subscription without programming. Account owners can view and manage subscriptions. You can use subscriptions to give your organization`s teams access to development environments and projects. Example: testing, testing, development and staging. This article explains the general tasks performed by an administrator on the Azure EA portal ( The Azure EA portal is an online management portal that helps customers manage the costs of their Azure EA services. Introductory information can be found on the Azure EA portal in the First Step article with the Azure EA portal. For introductory information about the Azure EA portal, see Get started with the Azure EA portal article. To execute the following commands, you need to be connected to the account owner`s home directory, that is, in the directory where subscriptions are created by default. This document answers frequently asked questions about the ownership of bank subscriptions. The department administrator can indicate the spending quota, but only the company administrator can update the quota amount.

The company administrator and department administrator receive notifications as soon as the rate reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and 100%. Once the prices have been verified and validated, click Publish. Corporate administrators are available as soon as the publication is selected. No markings can be made on the marking. You need to disable markup and start in step 1. In this article, you can create subscriptions for an EA billing account using the latest versions of the API. If you continue to use the older preview version, you`ll find more information in Azure Scheduled Subscription Creation with preview APIs. The structure of accounts and subscriptions affects their management and display on your invoices and reports. Typical organizational structures are business lines, functional teams and geographic locations. It can take up to 24 hours for new subscriptions to be displayed on the subscription list. After creating a subscription, you can: After the new Azure Marketplace subscriptions have been activated under your Azure EA registration, you will terminate Azure Marketplace services created in the Pay-As-You Go environment. This is important to ensure that your Azure Marketplace subscriptions are not in bad shape when your pay-As-You Go payment instrument expires.

To transfer account ownership to all subscriptions: As an Azure business administrator, you can allow account owners in your organization to create subscriptions based on the EA Dev/Test offer.


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