Babies and Germs

Nobody wants to spend their day throwing up, yet food poisoning is one of the most common causes of illness in the United States. However, it can be prevented more easily than any other illness. Your baby is of very vulnerable to germs and is completely dependent upon your cleanliness and care for their health.

Follow Health Nerdy website to know about wellness in general and also to keep your baby safe, take the following advice:

1. Wash your hands before handling any of your baby’s food or dishes. Babies are very susceptible to germs. Though you may consider washing your hands common sense, many parents forget.

2. Before opening a baby food jar, run the lid under water or wash the dust off with a damp cloth.

3. Do not feed your baby his or her baby food directly from the jar. When the spoon goes from the baby’s mouth to the jar, enzymes and bacteria from the saliva cause the leftover food to spoil faster. Essentially they digest the food. You may feed from the jar, however, if is the last meal from that jar.

4. If you taste your baby’s food, make sure you use a clean spoon each time. As stated above, your saliva can cause the food to spoil.

5. If you accidentally open your baby’s food with a rusted can-opener then throw it away immediately. Use only clean, non-rusted can-openers.

6. If you are feed your baby fruits and vegetables, be sure that you peel them completely in order to keep your baby from digesting topical toxins like pesticides. Even if you buy organically grown foods you should at least wash them. While organic foods may be healthier, they are not immune to getting germs on them.

7. Eventually your doctor will give you the green light for feeding your baby egg whites. When that time comes, be sure to cook the eggs thoroughly in order to avoid salmonella.

8. Always store all forms of baby food jars away from heat and especially the stove. The area you store the food should be cool and dry.

There are many steps you can take to help keep your baby safe and healthy. Make sure you follow them–you never want to be the cause of making your baby sick.

Written by Linda Brown. Reprinted with permission.

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