Car Rental Agreement Sample Malaysia

The parties may, by mutual agreement, shorten or extend the estimated duration of the rent. j) RENT IT HERE, LEAVE IT THERE A rebooking fee is charged for disposable rents. Detailed information on fees and procedures shall be provided at the time of application. 3. RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE STATE / RECOVERY OF THE VEHICLE. a) At the end or end of the rental period, unless otherwise specified by the owner, the renter must remove at his own expense all accessories affixed by the renter (if any) and deliver the vehicle to the owner at the address established in the rental agreement in good condition, repair and condition (appropriate use resulting from proper use), failing which the renter is obliged to reimburse the owner, upon request, all costs of repairing the vehicle. You can only use the vehicle in the rental country. You can`t take it anywhere else. If the vehicle, keys, parts, accessories or registration cards are damaged during your rental, you must pay: We charge between the price of fuel 1.5 and triple at the end of the rental, unless you can prove that the damage was in no way your fault if you recover the vehicle. This fee will cover our costs for the short-term journey to the nearest petrol station and possibly the delay in the next customer`s rental. This rental agreement is concluded between [CAR OWNER] (“Owner”) and [renter] (“tenant”) (together the “parties”) and describes the respective rights and obligations of the parties with regard to the rental of a car. If the seat is damaged, lost or stolen, you must pay for a replacement.

This will cost an additional tax of MYR300 (subject to a 6% service charge) in addition to the rental price. If you are able to prove that the damage or loss is in no way your fault or negligence, we will reimburse you for these costs. The calculation varies depending on the location of the rental. If you would like more information, please call the booking team or ask a member of our team….


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