Contoh Surat Agreement Sewa Tanah

This is due to the fact that the agreement exists between the owner or landlord and the tenant and witness. That kind of thing has to be in the agreement. The full date must be indicated from the initial phase of the lease until the last period. If the lease needs to be renewed, the tenant can request a new renewal letter outside of this letter. We can also include points for the tenant to maintain the leased land and treat it as his own. Because sometimes tenants add buildings in the countryside they rent. Therefore, the legal conditions of this land contract letter must also fulfill several aspects. This type of letter also guarantees by law the rights and obligations of both parties. This is due to the fact that the letter will be proof between the two parties that it was legitimately written in black and white.

Upon the expiry of this lease, the SECOND PARTY is obliged to return the land it leases in an empty and maintained state. Like other agreements, this letter is so important in the rental process. PART ONE is land free of PART TWO in the form of property rights No. ________Village __ District ______ District _____m2 and hereinafter referred to as country. THE SECOND PARTY may not transfer or transfer the rental right of this contract to another person, in whole or in part, unless authorized by the FIRST party. THE FIRST PARTY warrants that what is leased in this contract to the SECOND PARTY is the legal property of the first party, free from any dispute or not in the circumstances where they are rented or sold to another party. By this letter, the first part rents the rice fields located di_________kepada of the second part, In the period of _______ years (_____ years) starting with ___ Friend 99, before you know the example of the country contract letter, you should first understand the statement. Of course, this land lease letter will contain a mutual agreement, and whether we can minimize the losses we receive as landowners for the tenant`s irresponsible actions. Well, here are some examples of land rental letters that you can refer to. If you are a landowner who wants to include many provisions in the contract letter, you can choose a consent letter that contains the article. However, you can also choose a simple form of mail to speed up the process of renting soil, the arrangements for which are made in the addendum. The various questions of legality still seem numerous and are not fully understood by the Community.

Not even a few ordinary people who prefer to pay others to take care of the papering of the law. In the case of a transaction of leased property, for example, many do not yet know how to make a letter of agreement and what points to be included in it. . . .


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