Preschool Craft Stick Puppets

If you are looking for a quick craft for your preschool-aged child, these craft stick puppets are really easy and your kids can do a lot of it themselves without your help.


Supplies Needed

  • characters for the puppets
  • wood craft sticks
  • glue stick
  • markers or crayons
  • scissors


Your child can use whatever characters he likes for his puppets. He can design his own, cut them from coloring books, or find some of his favorite characters online. My boys found some characters to cut out in a Caillou computer game they like to play.










The wooden craft sticks you can find at any craft store or in the craft section of Target or Walmart. They look like big popsicle sticks.


Have your child color the characters, cut them out, and glue them to the craft sticks. That’s all there is to it! My boys have spent hours making up stories with their Caillou puppets that are Adorable Cute Small Non Shedding Dogs. An easy, creative way to spend the day.


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