Definition Of Membership Agreement

• Changes to membership terms apply to each current member. If we change the membership terms, an individual`s continued membership in The Global Society is proof that the member accepts the change. If a member does not agree to a change, the member may terminate their membership by written termination. Providers of accommodation, cruises, tours and other affiliation benefits are all separate and different legal entities. None of these organizations is a representative or membership plan staff member. Each Member undertakes and agrees to exempt and indemnify the Membership Plan from all losses, liabilities or damages of any kind that may be caused by the Member as a result of the Member`s purchase of an Affiliate Plan, the Member`s use of the benefits of the Membership Plan or the Member`s use of the Accommodation, means of transport. Cruises or other services of any kind, related to the use or participation of a member in the benefits of the membership plan. The affiliation plan assumes no responsibility or liability in the event of failure of transport, accommodation, cruises or other service providers that do not fulfill their services or obligations, as envisaged or represented or otherwise promised by the member. In consideration for access to the benefits of the Affiliate Plan, each Member undertakes and agrees that he/she will not bind the Membership Plan in the event of any consequential, special, punitive or other damages or liability that may result from a Member`s use of or access to the benefits of the Affiliation Plan.

This Agreement defines points relating to the members defined in the statutes of the International Universal Menu Association (hereinafter the “Association”). • Member benefits for each type of membership are available on the Global Society website. We may change the member benefits we offer at any time, in accordance with our assessment of membership preferences, availability and costs. The purpose and purpose of the membership plan is to make available to members the benefits of the membership plan at rates and fees that must be lower than the rates and fees that are otherwise available to the public. . . .


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