DIY Garlands for Valentine’s Day

It’s fun to make homemade decorations for Valentine’s Day. Let your kids get in on the fun in making these easy DIY Valentine’s Day garlands.

Paper Heart Chain

This cute heart-shaped paper chain can be made out of sheets of white, pink, and red paper. Cut pieces of construction paper or scrapbook paper lengthwise into strips of 1 inch each.

Fold each strip of paper in half lengthwise. Tuck the two ends of the strip down towards the fold into the shape of a heart, and staple them together. Loop the next strip through the first heart and then fold the second strip into the shape of a heart and staple that one together.

Continue adding strips and creating hearts until the chain is the desired length. This is an easy, cute paper chain that kids of all ages can help make.

Valentine's Day garland

Playing Card Garland

Another cute garland you can make for Valentine’s Day is made from a deck of playing cards.

Punch two holes in each playing card (just use the cards with hearts on them). Place one hole next to each edge of the top of the card.

Thread the playing cards onto a piece of yarn or ribbon. You can also tie or knot additional pieces of ribbon or strips of fabric in between the cards on the garland for added decoration.

Doily Garland

This craft only takes a few minutes to put together, and it comes apart easily after Valentine’s Day.

Purchase heart-shaped doilies in a variety of colors and sizes. Cut a piece of ribbon the length you want the garland to be. Use mini clothespins to pin the doilies onto the ribbon, and the garland is ready to hang.

This garland is so easy to make, yet pretty too!

Hanging Heart Garland

This is a creative way to string hearts together to hang from the ceiling or from a curtain rod.

You will need some cut out hearts of different colors and shapes. You can use construction paper or scrapbook paper.

To string the hearts together you will need to use a sewing machine. Sew down the center of the first heart, from top to bottom. Pull out an inch or sew of thread and then sew down the center of the next heart. You will end up with a string of hearts that you can hang from the ceiling, and stitching them in this way looks a lot nicer than using glue or staples to attach them to ribbon or string.

Felt Heart Garland

This garland is similar to the hanging hearts garland in that you will use a sewing machine to sew the hearts together.

Cut hearts of a variety of colors and sizes out of felt. They can be red, pink, white, or you can make your garland multi-colored.

After you have cut out the hearts, sew them together like for the hanging heart garland, leaving only a half inch or less of thread between each felt heart. The garland will be hung horizontally this time, instead of vertically, but you still want to sew through the hearts from top to bottom like before. The hearts will be laying on their sides when you hang them up.

These are great sewing projects for beginning sewers. You only need to be able to sew a straight line.

If you don’t have a pattern to use for a heart shape for these garlands, then just search Google Images for heart clipart and you will find many options to choose from.

These ideas should give you some inspiration for making some great homemade garlands for Valentine’s Day. Kids love making holiday crafts, so let them help you decorate your home for Valentine’s Day.

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