DIY Magnet Puzzle for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love doing jigsaw puzzles. There are puzzles that even a lot of two-year-old’s can put together. Recently I discovered a great new way to make puzzles fun for kids…put magnets on the back of the puzzle pieces and put them on the refrigerator!

You can buy magnet strips at any craft store. Just cut off what you need. You don’t need a very large piece for each puzzle piece. Most beginner puzzles are 24 large pieces, so we chose one of these puzzles. My boys have a Cars puzzle that they love putting together.

Magnet Puzzle

When you put the piece of magnet on the back of the puzzle piece, put the puzzle piece down on the floor or countertop and push down on the whole piece really well to make sure the whole magnet strip is attached and flat. This project also works better with newer puzzles than older ones. I used an older one, and found that when we got it on the refrigerator, the puzzle pieces weren’t completely flat anymore! You want the pieces as flat as possible so that they will fit together when they are on the refrigerator.

Magnet Puzzle

This is a fun project your preschooler can help you do. They will have lots of fun putting together their favorite puzzle on the refrigerator!

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