Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage

It is very interesting how the lines of common sense seem to get blurred in marriage. Things we know in our head seem to get lost as we are propelled by emotions and we remember the time we gave each other those engagement rings before the journey started. I still look back on that lovely day, when I searched for the best wooden wedding rings for men.

There are some basic attributes that will help strengthen or tear down your marriage. As simple as they are, they are easily set aside or overlooked. So let’s take a look and get a good reminder right now of
the important “do’s” and “don’ts” in a marriage.

*DO ~ pray.

A couple that prays together connects on an emotional level. You unite in your beliefs and values, therefore you bond emotionally and spiritually.

*DO ~ show affection.

<p.Don’t be afraid to kiss in front of the children or forget that holding hands is fun and magical. Affection breaks down walls that can be built up between the two of you.

*DO ~ play and laugh.

Marriage should be fun! There’s enough work involved. Don’t forget to ENJOY each other in addition to sharing the work load.

*DO ~ encourage each other.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you or your spouse don’t need encouragement. We all do. Hearing that someone believes in you or is encouraging something that is important to you, makes all the difference in the world in how you feel about yourself and them.

*DO ~ invest time in your relationship.

The toughest obstacle for parents is finding time alone together. Make sure you do. Whether it’s an hour locked away together before bed time or a set date night…find what works for your situation.

*DON’T ~ refuse to forgive.

We teach our children to forgive, so should we! Some hurts take longer to heal than others, but grudges and resentments only push away love.

*DON’T ~ snipe.

Sarcasm is the biggest disease in our homes these days. And, ouch! – it can be painful! Sniping and making sarcastic comments never builds up a home or a marriage. Work now at breaking this harmful habit.

*DON’T ~ compare.

Your husband may not be like your friend’s husband, but hey, you’re not like your friend either! We all have strengths and weaknesses. Comparing only enhances the weaknesses instead of boosting the
strengths. And it’s never fair to anyone.

*DON’T ~ criticize.

We all make mistakes. Give each other some room okay?

*DON’T ~ play the blame game.

We all do this. Why is it so tough to say, “I’m Sorry”? Blaming never solves the issue at hand – it only divides you as a couple.

*DON’T ~ want to personally win.

Marriage is a team. You should be on the same side.

*DON’T ~ yell and fight so hard.

Disagreeing and arguing is bound to come to every marriage. But when you start the trend of yelling, slamming doors, etc – that can become a habit that ends up crippling communication. Learn to be constructive and practical when you disagree or take a time out until your emotions calm a little.

Sometimes it is good to be reminded of things. In the case of our marriages, I think it’s vital.

Here’s to the health of your marriage!

~ Dionna Sanchez will have been married to her husband Eliseo for 10 years in August. Visit Emphasis On Moms for more encouraging marriage articles at


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