Easy Science Project for Toddlers – Just Add Water!

A science project for toddlers doesn’t need to be complicated. Everything is new to toddlers and they are constantly learning. All you need to do is provide opportunities for them to explore their world.

A water table is one of the easiest ways to provide hours of entertainment, exploring and learning for your toddler. Here are a few ways you can make your own water table, and some activities you can use to turn your water table into a fun science project for toddlers.

Making a Water Table

You can purchase a water table from a school-supply store, but it’s just as effective to make one yourself, and much less expensive. Simply fill a large basin with water and place it on a table that’s within easy reach of your toddler. You could also put it on the floor with towels around it to protect your floor.

One alternative to a water table is to lay some towels down around your bathtub and fill the tub with water. In summer, you can set up a small wading pool outside for your toddler to experiment with.

Remember, it doesn’t need to look fancy to be fun.

Water Table Activities for Your Toddler

Pouring Practice. Help your toddler explore the water by giving him an assortment of cups that pour. Try pouring water from one container to another. Add a funnel and watch the water pour out the bottom.

Floating Fun. Give your toddler of small toys that float, , find out which objects sink and which float. You can even add some bubbles for some extra fun

Bath Time. Let your toddler practice bathing water-safe dolls or toys in the water. Or, wash some doll clothes in the water table and watch them dry.

Melting Colors. Add food coloring to water and make some brightly colored ice cubes. Place the ice cubes in the water table and watch them melt. If you make the ice cubes out of primary colors (red, yellow or blue) watch what new colors are created when two primary colors mix together.

Water Colors. Fill clear plastic bottles with water from the water table and add a few drops of food coloring to each. Your toddler will be amazed as the water in the bottle turns color. When you’re finished the experiment, your toddler can use the plastic bottles in the water table.

Sandy Beach. Add sand to your water table. Help your toddler build sand castles and do some digging.

Make it Sprinkle. Punch some holes in the bottom of an empty plastic soda bottle. Hang the bottle above your water table. Fill the bottle with water and watch it splash and sprinkle onto the water table.

Magic Bottle. Punch three small holes in the bottom of a 1 L soda bottle. Fill the bottle with water and put the cap back on. When you undo the cap, the water will pour out of the bottle. When the cap it tightened, the water stays inside.

Visit the Ocean. Purchase dried whole seaweed from a Japanese grocery store and place it in the water table. Once it’s wet, the seaweed will like it never left the ocean, and the water table will smell like the ocean too. Add some plastic ocean animals to help your toddler create an ocean scene.


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