Egg Drop Science Experiment for Kids

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If your kids like messy science experiments, then they will love this one. We decided to try this one outside, and I am glad we did! It WAS really fun though.

In this experiment your kids will discover Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion:

Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Your kids won’t be able to predict how this experiment will turn out until they see it for themselves. For this experiment you will need:

  • Empty toilet paper tube
  • Egg
  • Small tray
  • Drinking glass

You can do this experiment with more eggs/glasses, but have your kids practice first. If you watch our YouTube video, you will see what happened when we didn’t practice with one egg first. It takes some skill!

So first you need to fill a drinking glass half full with water. Place the glass on a table (again, you may want to do this outside because you will be mopping up the floor if something goes wrong).

Next place the small tray on top of the glass. Place the toilet paper tube on top of the tray, centered over the glass. Place the egg on top of the toilet paper tube.

The object of this experiment is to hit the tray out from under the toilet paper tube, dropping the egg into the glass of water. This trick works because according to Newton’s first law of motion, an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion. When you hit the tray out from under the tube, no force is acting on the egg, so this makes the egg drop straight down instead of flying out sideways like the tray.

You have to see this to believe it. It is very important that the toilet paper tube is completely centered over the glass or the egg will not drop into the glass. You will see in our video what happened when everything wasn’t lined up properly. Even though it took a couple of tries, we did get it to work, and my boys had a great time trying!

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