Candy Corn Math Activity for Preschool

Fun candy corn math activity for preschool or kindergarten. One of my favorite candy corn math activities!

My kids and I love to implement these simple ideas during the weeks counting down to Thanksgiving every so often. I saw this fun candy corn math activity on Pinterest and thought my son would like it. It’s a perfect math counting activity for preschool or kindergarten, and if you want to give real candy to your children you can use a cotton candy maker to create cotton candy for the children.

Supplies Needed

  • Green construction paper
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Sharpie marker
  • Candy corn
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Cut out the yellow and green construction paper in the shapes of ears of corn (see photo). You can use a pattern to trace them, or just cut them out free hand. They don’t have to look perfect. Glue the pieces together to look like ears of corn. candy corn counting   The object of this activity is for your child to count candy corns. There is a couple of ways you can have your child do this activity, depending on their math skills, if your child is having a hard time in this subject consider hiring online maths tutors. For preschoolers, you can use the Sharpie to write a number on each ear of corn and then have your child count out that many pieces of candy corn to place on the ear on corn.   My son is a little past that stage, so I decided to use the “+” and “-” signs between the ears of corn so that he could practice adding and subtracting.   If you have an older child who is learning multiplication and division, you can also add those signs. I love how this activity is so versatile for different ages.   My son had a lot of fun playing with the candy corn, and of course eating them when he was done, I just want him to get used to seeing math, I’m thinking of hiring a private math tutor before class starts.   I also saw this other cute idea for a similar activity placing turkey feathers on a turkey. We will have to try that one next year.   Fun candy corn math activity for preschool or kindergarten. One of my favorite candy corn math activities!   Follow my Thanksgiving / Fall and preschool boards on Pinterest.

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