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Making a food guide pyramid is Requirement 3D for earning the Cub Scout Tiger Cub badge. If you search Google images you can find lots of blank pyramids and photos of food to choose from. I downloaded some and inserted them into two Word files. I made enough copies of the different types of food for five boys to participate in the activity. You can easily copy the images to make more, if necessary.

It’s no secret that we live in a culture of fad diets and nutritional trends. In fact, the odds are that you’ve heard of several new ones this year alone. Mediterranean, keto, vegan, and more– with all these options, what’s the best choice for eating healthy? 

Especially as a parent, it can feel perplexing and overwhelming to understand what’s best for your child’s nutritional needs. Check out the latest proven reviews.

American dietary guidelines for children have changed over the past century; the most current standard is MyPlate. This newest iteration is an attempt by government to combat the wave of childhood obesity sweeping our nation.

While this protocol for kids is widely followed in the school systems, as a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator, and Mother, I know we can do better for our little ones. In this article, I will introduce to you a modern and healthy food pyramid for kids and I’ll explain how eating this way can improve their learning and behavior far beyond MyPlate.

Should you Choose the USDA’s MyPlate?

MyPlate is a fairly simple approach to children’s nutrition that aims to encourage kids to eat healthy.

Their basic premise is to fill half your child’s plate with fruits and vegetables, avoid sugary beverages like fruit juices, and opt for more whole grains. It also urges children to have a glass of low-fat dairy (like a cup of milk) with each meal and to engage in regular physical activity.

While this may be a starting point for those struggling to move past obesity, there are better ways to fuel the body long-term, and to provide the nutrition children need.

The MyPlate model doesn’t account for inflammatory foods that can aggravate issues like autism, ADHD, anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems. It also doesn’t consider common food allergens like wheat and dairy products, and there’s no mention of how to add good oils and healthy fats into your child’s diet. Try out these Nutrisystem coupons for a healthy nutrition,

Regarding the “fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables” suggestion, almost half is reserved for fruit. That means the vegetable portion is merely a quarter of the plate, which may not allow for the levels of vegetables kids should really be eating.

Because vegetables have incredible properties including decreasing cancer risk, improving behavioral symptoms in ADHD, I’d like to see more description of the diverse types of veggies available in their veggie category.

And MyPlate makes no mention of the advantages of choosing organic. Pesticides in non-organic foods are the primary way children become exposed to these damaging neurotoxins.To get more types of food click here. One recent study showed that children eating conventional produce had 6 times the level of pesticides in their bodies than those on an organic diet. To be most protective of children’s health, I’d like to see them recommend eating an organic diet, that includes high quality grass-fed meat as well.

While MyPlate is better than the outdated USDA kids MyPyramid, I and many other nutritionists today believe that many improvements still need to be made.

The food our children eat is either nourishing or negatively impacting their daily lives. As a nutritionist and parent today, I believe we should be asking the question, “What are the best tolerated, easiest to digest, and most nutrient-rich foods my child can eat?”

Here are the blank food pyramid and the food pyramid cutouts in Word format.

You could also have the boys cut pictures out of magazines to glue on the blank food pyramid, or they could draw the pictures.

Goals of food guide pyramid activity:

Know. With a family adult, have a healthy snack.

Commit. When is it difficult to eat healthy food?

Practice: What foods are best for your health and growth?

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