End-of-the-Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

Looking for a simple way to say “thank you” to that special math teacher who stayed after school to tutor your child when she was having problems with multiplication?

Or perhaps you want to express your gratitude to your the language arts teacher who helped your son master cursive writing this year? Whatever the reason, those special teachers deserve a little recognition.

There’s no better time to say “thank you” than at the end of the year with a thoughtful little gift like one of these:

1) Teacher’s survival kit

Here’s a whimsical gift that would make any teacher chuckle! Have your child decorate a fabric lunch bag with fabric paints, stamps and stickers. Then, using fabric paint, write the words “Teacher’s Survival Kit” on the flap of the lunch bag.

Fill the lunch bag with several of the items listed below; on each, attach a label explaining the significance of the gift.

Bottle of glue
“to hold your class together”

Starburst candy
“to give you a burst of energy when you need it most.”

6″ Ruler
“because success is sometimes measured in inches, not feet.”

Box of Band-Aids
“when things get a little rough.”

Box of crayons
“to color your day in bright shades when it seems gray and dismal.”

“to remind you that even the largest mistakes can be erased.”

Puzzle piece
“because without your assistance and care, learning is a puzzle.”

Shiny penny
“because each of your students will shine in their own way.”

2) A gift certificate for educational materials

Because of budget cutbacks in many school districts, teachers must often shell out their own money to buy classroom supplies and materials. If you would like to do something especially considerate, give that special teacher a thank you card designed by your child, then tuck in a gift certificate for a craft or office supply store.

Another option: give a gift certificate to the online stores operated by the Discovery Channel, A&E or the History Channel. He can use it to purchase science-related toys, historical and educational videos for classroom use.

3) Thank you for the helping hand

Here’s a gift you and your child can create together! Mix up a batch of sugar cookies, cutting out the dough with a hand shaped cookie cutter. Bake and cool. You can also give them flowers from flower delivery dublin to show that you appreciate them.

Have your child decorate a plain round tin by placing his outstretched hand in some paint, and then pressing it on the tin several times. Line the tin with a matching napkin, tuck in the cookies and include a note that says “Thank you for the helping hand this year!” and get those cookie gifts delivered.

4) Teacher’s sticker jar

Any teacher who uses stickers would love this gift! Start with a clean, dry glass jar (an old mayonnaise jar works well). Use acrylics to paint the lid a solid color. After it has dried, write the teacher’s name on the lid with a paint pen.

Ask your child to decorate the rest of the jar with paint pens, stamps, and/or stickers. Fill the jar with a variety of stickers that the teacher can use on classroom papers.

5) Beauty products

One can never have too many beauty products, so giving them as gifts is almost always a winning idea. Perfume, in particular, is a perfect choice to show your mom, sister, or best friend that: 1) yes, you know her taste, and 2) you really put thought into her present. Check out the best perfumes for older women.

Because it can be tricky to figure out the exact fragrance that’s “so her,” Marie Claire Beauty Director Maya Allen and Cosmopolitan Beauty Director Carly Cardellino recently swapped tips for picking out the right scent for someone else. Right now, they’re both loving Coach Floral for its versatility and because, as Carly says, it “hits all the categories—citrus, fresh, and woody.”

Check out the video above to hear Maya’s thought process when choosing a fragrance, and then try Coach Floral for yourself (in addition to the one you give away, of course). After all, Maya says, “It’s such an easy way to make everyone feel special.”

Although these gifts are simple little gestures, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to that special teacher’s face!

Written by Cheryl Schroeder. Reprinted with permission.


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