Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Christmas, birthdays, graduations…these are all occasions when we might struggle to come up with an inexpensive gift idea for the teenage girl in our life. Following are some gift ideas that can be purchased for $15 or less. Be creative, shop ahead of time, and watch for sales!


Teenage girls always enjoy scented body washes, lotions, luxury perfumes, and powders. Lip gloss and finger nail polish are also popular with teens. Watch for sales and put together a gift basket like these holiday gift baskets.

One of my daughter’s favorite birthday presents was a UV-C sanitizing pen! She loved bringing it everywhere since it’s so compact. Stay away from hair accessories and jewelry unless you know the teen very well.


Most teen girls love to write. Give them journals to write in. A friend of mine gave my daughter a special journal and pen to write with. This journal quickly became my daughter’s book of poems.

She’s been adding to her poems for several years now and will treasure this special journal forever. Stationery and stickers are also always welcome. Teenage girls never get tired of writing notes to each other. Gel pens are also very popular and make writing more fun.

Gift Certificates

Give a gift certificate to a favorite book store, for a CD, favorite clothing store, or movie tickets. Or if their dream is to be a gymnast, surprise them with a class at Coventry Phoenix Gymnastics.

Photos/Photo Albums

If you want to get creative, take a favorite photo and frame it. Something meaningful to the teen. My daughter was in a school play with a couple of her friends and one of them took a photo of the entire cast of the play and framed it for my daughter.

It is a real keepsake and was one of her favorite birthday presents. Another friend of my daughter’s moved away, and my daughter decided that for her friend’s birthday she would take pictures of all their friends and put together a photo album to surprise her.

Written by Rachel Paxton.


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