How to Make Grass Heads

If you are looking for easy kids crafts, these grass heads are really fun and easy to make and your kids will love cutting their grass "hair".

I saw this fun idea on T.V. You know the Chia pets you used to see commercials for? These are the DIY version, and very easy and a great summer activity for kids. They will love trimming the “hair” on their grass heads!

Supplies Needed:

  • Knee high panty hose stockings
  • Grass seed
  • Potting soil
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small container (yogurt container or canning jar)

You can use any small jar or container to make these. Your grass head needs to fit on to the top of it without falling into it. Canning jars or empty yogurt containers work great.

You can use any old panty hose that you have laying around. You don’t even have to use knee highs, as long as it is a some kind of pantyhose material. In the instructions I originally saw you are supposed to cut off the foot of the stocking, leaving about 12 inches of stocking above the toe. You will be putting the grass seed and potting soil in the toe of the stocking.


I only had two pair of stockings, however, and I wanted to make three grass heads, so I cut an approximate 12 inch piece of nylon from higher up in the stocking and tied a knot in the end to take the place of the toe.

It turned out that this method actually worked better. The grass seed has a harder time growing through the toe of the stocking because the toe of the stocking is reinforced. The grass head with the knot on top of his head had a much fuller head of hair!

Anyway, all you need to do is have your child place a big spoonful of grass seed in the end or toe of the pantyhose. Next add a couple of spoonfuls of potting soil on top of the grass seed. Don’t mix them together. You want the grass seed to stay in the end.

Add soil until you can shape the stocking into a nice round looking head shape. Tie off the bottom of it by tying the nylon in a knot directly beneath the “head”. Don’t cut off the remaining nylon hanging at the bottom.

If you want to add a nose and ears to your grass head, just pinch a little piece of the nylon and tie it off with a piece of sewing thread or embroidery thread. It will form a nice little ball where you tie it off.

We also used a hot glue gun to glue on wiggle eyes and a permanent marker to draw a mouth. Make sure you don’t use water soluable glue or markers or they will wash off when the grass head gets wet.

Next fill a bowl with water and set the grass heads into the bowl for an hour or so until they have soaked up the water and are completely wet. Next fill the containers you are going to keep them in with water and set the heads into the containers.

The heads should set comfortable on top of the container with the nylon hanging below submerged in the water. The water will continue to travel up the nylon into the head, keeping it wet.

You can also decorate the jar if you want to, to look like clothing. Just cut pieces of clothing out of scrapbook or construction paper and glue them on the jar.

You should start noticing grass growing out of the heads in 4-5 days. In a week there will be noticeable growth, and in less than 2 weeks you will have a full head of hair. Fill the jar up with water again about once a week. Let your child give the grass head a hair cut and watch it grow back!

This is a fun project that your kids will enjoy for many months, and a great family activity!

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If you are looking for easy kids crafts, these grass heads are really fun and easy to make and your kids will love cutting their grass "hair".


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