Information And Consultation Agreement

The employer must consult the information and consultation advisers: the obligation to inform and consult workers is not automatic. This can be done either at the formal request of workers for an information and consultation agreement – which would define the mechanism by which workers will be informed and consulted on workplace issues – or by choosing to initiate the process to agree with their employees themselves. If the employer and negotiators are unable to reach an agreement or if the employer does not negotiate, the “standard rules of information and consultation” automatically apply. If the employer has refused to enter into negotiations, the standard provisions generally apply six months from the date on which a valid application was submitted (or a valid notification was issued by the employer) or the date on which representatives are elected for information and consultation, whichever is earlier. However, if negotiations have taken place but have not resulted in an agreement, the standard provisions shall apply six months after the expiry of the above-mentioned period or the date on which representatives are elected for information and consultation, whichever is earlier. A series of cases of documentary penance in accordance with the law, directives, information services in the field of labour law and HR and information updates. Discover a wider and deeper breadth of content tailored to your needs, created and updated by your own team of professional lawyers. Employers and workers can fulfil their obligations through existing information and consultation agreements. 22.

Disputes relating to the implementation of a negotiated contract or standard information and consultation provisions As part of the mandatory information and consultation obligations, you are required to provide information to the elected representatives of the IofCs: However, even with an agreement already in force, you are required to enter into negotiations if: standard provisions on information and consultation are not a formal procedure of the nature of what is agreed between an employer and its workers or traditionally the type of collective agreement agreed between an employer and a trade union. . . .


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