Inside Snow Fun

Most children love snow and playing in it.But for those times it is too cold to play out or for those that do not get snow I hope you will enjoy these activities.

Crystallized Snowflakes

  • 1 large wide mouth jar
  • white pipe cleaners put together to look like a snowflake
  • boiling water
  • borax
  • pencil or pen

Make a snowflake shape with your pipe cleaners. An adult needs to fill the jar with the boiling water.Place 3 tablespoons of the borax into the water. Stir until it is dissolved.

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Loop your snowflake onto the pencil(pencil should be horizontal laying across the top of the jar) with string or another pipe cleaner. Place your snowflake into the jar. It should be dangling from the pencil, and pencil should be laying across the width of the jar mouth.

Let it sit overnight and remove the snowflake by lifting the pencil in the morning. You will have a beautiful crystal snowflake.

Glue Snowflakes

  • white glue in a squeeze bottle
  • wax paper
  • glitter

Draw a simple 6 lined snowflake onto the wax paper.Then let child squeeze glue over the design. Sprinkle glitter over the glue snowflake. Let it dry. Then gently peel from the wax paper. You can then hang snowflakes around the room.

Snowman Snack

You will need three refrigerated biscuits per person and place them vertically on a piece of foil to resemble a snowman. You can use pretzel sticks and raisins for the snowman’s arms, eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Place the foil on a baking sheet and bake as directed on the biscuit package.

Written by Angela Billings. Reprinted with permission.


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