It’s Chore Time!

Every child has them – or should. It can be like pulling teeth getting a child to do a chore he or she doesn’t want to do. But, it’s important for us to persevere! It’s vital for our children to learn the importance of chores and responsibility. Chores are more than small messes or tasks that need to be taken care of. They are projects that teach skills like concentration, self-control, patience, time-management and pride. A child who doesn’t have to do chores, misses out on valuable lessons.

There is also another important reason for implementing chores in your household. It is important to instill a sense of pride in your child for his home and environment. They will respect your hard work more if they see for themselves what it takes to keep a house picked up and clean. It teaches them to pitch in and not just expect parents to do all the work!

Sometimes it is easier and quicker for us to do things ourselves. But, there is always something on hand our children can do. Parents of toddlers can take the opportunity to use their child’s eagerness to help. They are ripe for learning at this tender age! It will also be easier to get them to take on responsibility as they get older. Remember, next time you think of letting the chores go, that they disguise a deeper meaning and important part of growing up – responsibility.


Here is just a sampling of what tasks a child can do…

Ages 2 -4
*Pick up unused toys and put in the proper place
*Sweep the floor
*Clean up what they drop after eating
*Clear own place at table
*Simple hygiene – brush teeth, wash hands, brush hair.

Ages 4-5
*Put groceries away
*Help make the beds and vacuum
*Help do dishes or fill in the dishwasher
*Polish things
*Sharpen pencils

Ages 5-6
*Make their own sandwich
*Pour their own drink
*Make bed and clean room
*Dress on own
*Fold clean clothes
*Help clean out the car
*Take out the garbage
*Learn to tie shoes

1st Grade
*Shake rugs
*Water plants
*Peel vegetables
*Rake leaves

2nd Grade
*Take phone messages
*Scrub floors

3rd Grade
*Mop floor
*Clean blinds
*Run own bath
*Straighten own closet and drawers
*Fold blankets
*Sew buttons
*Clean up animal messes
*Write thank-you notes

4th Grade
*Change sheets
*Do chores without a reminder
*Wash car

5th Grade
*Be alone at home for short periods
*Pack own suitcase

6th Grade
*Mow lawn with supervision
*Schedule time for studies

Dionna Sanchez is the mother of two little girls and full-time stepmom to one teen boy. She resides in Idaho and enjoys encouraging all moms to enjoy their children and their roles as moms. Visit her website Emphasis On Moms at


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