Where to Take Kids Fishing in Washington State

Fishing is a fun activity for the entire family. Many families enjoy spending time fishing together in the summer, however, in many areas fishing can be enjoyed year round. In Washington State, there are many lakes and streams, both fresh water and salt water, where you can take your family for an enjoyable day of fishing.

Below is a listing of fishing locations located in both Eastern and Western Washington State. Some of the locations offer fishing for juveniles only, and some offer family fishing, which means that at least one juvenile must be present if an adult is also fishing (adult will need a fishing license, however).

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Places to Fish with Kids in Western Washington

In Okanogan County, Silvernail Lake is open year round (juveniles only). In the Seattle/Auburn area, check out Mill Pond (family fishing). In the Kent area you will find the Old Fishing Hole Pond (family fishing). Wapato Lake in Tacoma has a nice dock for families to fish from. If you need to get new fishing gear visit outdoorempire.com. In Longview, make sure to visit Lake Sacajawea Park (family fishing). In Centralia families can fish almost year round at Fort Borst Lake. Wapato Lake is located in Pierce County.

Places to Fish with Kids in Eastern Washington

In the Spokane area, Bear Lake offers fishing for families year round. In Walla Walla, Jefferson Park Pond and Lyons Park Pond are also open year round (juveniles only). In Grant County, visit Columbia Basin Hatchery Creek for fishing for the entire family.

In Yakima, Sarge Hubbard Park Pond is open year round (juveniles only). Yakima Sportsmen’s Park Ponds in Yakima and Columbia Park Pond in Kennewick are also open year round (juveniles only).

If you are looking for a youth fishing event, there are many locations in both Eastern and Western Washington that feature fishing events for children ages 5 to 14.

These events take place between April and July and are a lot of fun for the entire family. For more information on youth fishing events, including locations and dates, see http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/kids/events.html.

Many of these fishing areas also feature restrooms and picnic areas.

In Washington State, children ages 14 and under can fish without a fishing license. Also keep in mind that if you are fishing at an area owned by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), you will need to display a Discover Pass in order to park your car.

You will receive a Discover Pass free of charge when you purchase your fishing license, and the pass can be used for two different vehicles. For more information about Washington’s Discover Pass, see http://discoverpass.wa.gov/.

When fishing with small children, make sure to keep your kids safe by having them wear a life jacket. Also make sure that your children have fishing poles that are appropriate for their size and age.

Fishing is a great way to spend time together as a family. Hundreds of lakes in Washington State are stocked with millions of trout each year. Check out stocking reports and fish counts before you go http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/reports_plants.html.

Great family-friendly places to take your kids fishing in Eastern and Western Washington State.


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