Kids’ Party Games

Not only do kids of all ages love to play games, but all kids definitely loves slime games because they are a creative and inexpensive way to entertain children. With a little imagination you will soon have them making up their own games!

Whether you’re looking for birthday party games or just something to keep the little ones busy for a little while, I think you’ll find these games easy to learn and fun for all ages. If you are still looking for more games apart from these 4 below, I would recommend you try a little more challenging games like Escape Room. You can check this out to find more information on it. We offer incredibly realistic, engaging, and fun escape rooms in the Best in Minneapolis Minnesota area. Whether you’re looking for a party activity, work retreat, team-building exercise, or something to do on the weekend — PuzzleWorks has escape room experiences that you won’t forget. So, what are you waiting for? Give one of our escape rooms a go


One player goes out of the room. A dried bean is given to one of the players to put in his or her shoe. Play some music and have all the players dance, each child pretending to have a bean in their shoe.

The player that left the room comes back and tries to guess who has the bean in their shoe. If they guess right, the person with the bean in their shoe gets to guess next. If they guess wrong, they get to leave the room again and try again. If they guess wrong a second time, they get to choose who gets to leave the room next.


All players except one line up in a row. One player moves down the line, making faces to try to make each player in line laugh. The children standing in line try not to laugh. The first player to laugh gets to take the next turn trying to make the other players laugh.


Divide the children up into pairs. One person gets to be the clay, and the other person gets to be the sculptor. The sculptor molds the clay into any shape they want to (without hurting the clay).

Faces can be arranged into odd expressions, arms and legs can be bent and arranged, and heads can be turned or tipped. When all the sculptors are finished with their creations, they get to put their sculptures on display. The pairs get to switch places after the exhibit. Children love Bounce House Rentals specially when you can choose one according to the theme of the party. Enjoy watching your kids have fun with these games.


Divide the players into teams. The leader assigns a nursery rhyme to each team. The teams take turns acting out their nursery rhymes. Whichever team guesses the nursery rhyme correctly gets to act out the next one. Continue for as many nursery rhymes as you can think of.

Written by Rachel Paxton.


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