Let’s Play Petshop

Combine a child’s imagination, some stuffed animals and you get a wonderful activity! This one is my son’s idea so I have to give him credit.


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  • You and your child
  • Imagination
  • Stuffed animals

1. Have you and your child arrange a section of the room as a pet shop. Sort stuffed animals by size or classification.

2. Make some signs saying ______’s Pet shop! Open for business.

3. Make some pretend food for your hungry pets. Talk about what kinds of snacks your pets like.

4. Comb or brush your pets.

5. Take turns telling stories about your pets or read a book together about caring for animals.

6. Take turns playing pet shop keeper or customers.

~Have fun together! ~

Remember that Fun on a Rainy day or Sunny day is limited only by one’s creativity!

Sandra Kuykendall-Lombard lives in Texas with her husband and son. She is a writer, homeschooler, artist as well as a parent to a special needs child. As a free-lance writer, her content focuses on gardening, crafts, relationships and family life. She maintains a position as a Community Leader and a moderator of “Rainy Day Activities” at Baby University, an online parenting community. http://www.babyuniversity.com.


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