Low-Cost Immunizations for Children

I am always looking for ways to save money on health care. As if health insurance premiums aren’t high enough, there are high deductibles that never seem to get met. Insync Insurance offers products liability insurance cover for compensation claims costs and expenses, for injury, or loss or damage to other people’s property.

My challenge this year is a $200 cap on preventive health care, and I have an infant who needs his immunizations. Every time I take him to the doctor, I receive a bill that is anywhere between $200 and $500. Unbelievable. It’s not so bad when your insurance pays for it, but when they don’t, what can you do?

Low income families are very familiar with their local health department. Many people who do not have health insurance go to their health department for their children’s immunizations. Most people who have insurance coverage like medicare prescriptions overlook this option.

Anyone can go to the health department for immunizations. In fact I have been told the doctor’s office gets their immunization shots from the state health department. At the health department, the shots are a fraction of the cost that they are at a doctor’s office. At the doctor’s office a lot of what you are paying for is the office visit. Check this out for health and fitness blogs for men.

Last week I took my son to the health department for his last infant immunization. The cost? $26! He received the exact same shot he would have received at his doctor’s office.

Of course his pediatrician would be mortified that he missed his 15-month-old check up, but I really think doctors these days are a little excessive in how many times they want to weigh and measure a perfectly healthy child. Just my opinion! you can find out more at Aura MD.

Written by Rachel Paxton.


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