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There are so many fun ideas and traditions you can implement as a family to create memories. Some are everyday rituals that you do together to grow and develop close bonds. Others are zany, fun, and create laughter. Then there are those things you do to create meaning into your lives. Naming your home fits under that category.

Your family might move a lot of times over your children’s lifetimes. Maybe you will only live in one home. Whether you move over the course of time or stay in one place, naming your family home will make wherever you are a very special place with a special mood, atmosphere, ambiance and flair that belongs just to your family.

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Our family has dubbed our home “casadesanchez” which in Spanish means ‘home of Sanchez’. It fits us and adds to our desire of drawing upon my husband’s Mexican ancestry.

My sister and her family like to call their residence ‘Hudson Farm.” They have quite a few pets and live in the country so that name fit the mood they felt within their family. There are so many fun and different ways you can choose your home name.

You can choose to take that one special name with you wherever you go or name each place as you discover it and experience the different tone of your new home.

Once you name your home you can use it on invitations when inviting people over, put it on your mailbox, make a special plaque or choose to have it engraved in a special rock that sits outside your front door.

Enjoy the legacy you create as your family and friends refer to your home by its chosen name and you weave the cords of love for all who enter!

Dionna Sanchez created Emphasis On Moms out of her desire to help moms enjoy who they are and their role within the home.


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