Paper Bag Counting Activity

When most people think of working on math skills, they picture sitting at a table and working on a math worksheet. Preschool-aged children aren’t ready to work at this level, but it’s not too soon to start introducing math concepts through math manipulatives. Manipulatives are items they can touch and play with. They can count them and sort them into groups. They make math much more visual and it is easier for them to understand basic math concepts.

There are many counting and sorting games you can play with your preschooler, but this paper bag activity is easy and fun to put together. All you need is some paper lunch bags, a marker, and something to sort into the bags. You can put as much effort into it as you want or have time for. Ours had a Halloween theme. If you are looking for the best Halloween costume ideas for this year’s festivities, Costume Wonderland has the best for you! The bags had pictures of haunted houses on them, and we sorted ghosts into the bags. You could adapt this idea for any subject, season, or holiday. It would be fun to use acorns for fall, snowmen for winter, or Easter eggs for Easter.

To get the activity ready for your child, you need to use the marker to write one number on the front of each bag: 1, 2, 3, etc. We used ten bags. You can also write the word next to the number, for example “one”, “two”, etc.

Open up the paper bags and set them out for your child. Help your child identify the number on each bag and have him or her sort their items into the bags.

That’s it! This activity is easy to pull out and set up when your child needs something to do.

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