Pop Bottle Bird Feeder

Easy DIY bird feeder for kids to make made from an empty soda or pop bottle.

I found the idea for this neat pop bottle bird feeder in a science kit I am doing with my boys. The project was to recycle a plastic pop bottle by making it into a bird feeder.

All you have to do is purchase this pop bottle bird feeder kit, and in just a few minutes you have a bird feeder to hang up for the birds to enjoy.

You assemble the bird feeder by cutting two small holes, one on either side of the top of the bird feeder (the bottom of the bottle). The kit includes a plastic handle to insert into the two holes so that you will have a hanger to hang the bird feeder.

The kit also includes a plastic piece that screws in to the top of the pop bottle (the bottom of the bird feeder). It provides a perch for the birds while they are eating.

That’s all there is to it. We have really enjoyed trying to identify the birds that come to our bird feeders. We have identified some house finches, juncos (a type of sparrow), and chickadees. You can identify birds from a bird field guide.

We also found a neat app for iPhones that lets you type in some information about the bird you are looking at and it tells you what the bird may be. It even has recordings of bird calls to help identify birds. The app we are using is the Merlin app from Cornell University.

The science kit we are using is the Birds, Astronomy, Magnetism kit from Home Science Adventures.

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Easy DIY bird feeder for kids to make made from an empty soda or pop bottle.


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