Potty Training: 5 Tips That Stick!

Raising a child can be a challenge, but one challenge, in particular, that many parents find to be a headache is potty training. Yes, while your child is going to eventually learn how to use the potty, many parents either often find themselves rushing their child, starting too early or doing the wrong things.


While it’s a great thought to think about no more diapers or wipes, here are five things that you should keep in mind when trying to teach your child about the potty:


Bring out the Bribes


By now, you probably already know that your child loves anything that tastes good. With that being said, be sure to bribe your child when it comes to the potty. Whether it’s giving them a piece of candy, or their favorite snack, be sure to offer this as an incentive when they finish using the potty. If you have a hard time getting them to use the potty, also consider using this as a bribe to get them to sit.


Make a Game of It


Many experts will tell you that potty training a boy can often be harder than training a girl. For those that need to train their boys, consider making a game out of it. One game, in particular, that is fantastic is by simply throwing some Cheerios in the potty. Have your child use these pieces of cereal as target practice and watch them get a kick out of it.


Potty training tips and tricks for toddlers.


Praise Them


A child isn’t going to learn how to use the potty overnight. In fact, it can take months. While there are going to be times when your child has an accident, it doesn’t mean that you can get frustrated with them. Instead of focusing on the stressful situations, try to remember to praise them every time they do something good.


TIP: A great way to praise your child is by giving them a sticker. By giving them a sticker, you can have them either place it on a board or let them wear it on their shirt for the day.


Watch the Schedule


If your child is older than two years old, you’ve probably realized by now that your child goes to the bathroom on a regular basis. Take that schedule and try to place your child on the potty when you think they are going to go.


If you can’t figure out their schedule, try placing them on the potty every 60 to 90 minutes. The key here is to get them to go so that you can praise them.


Be Patient


Whether it’s waiting for cues that your child has to go, or you have to bribe them each time, you have to realize that your child is going to take a certain amount of time before he/she gets used to it.


What you have to understand is that some children are going to catch on very fast, while others can take months until they grasp the concept. Hopefully by using the tips above, your child can master the potty in no time! Best of luck!


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5 time-tested potty training tips that stick!

potty training
5 time-tested tips to help ensure success when potty training your toddler.

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