Pray with Your Children

`For where two or three are gathered together, there am I in the midst of them.’ Matthew 18:20

We don’t often think of this in situations of family prayer, so much as church gatherings. Nowadays there are Christian Church Virtual Worship sessions to allow you to be connected to others. But the united prayer and petition of parent and child, as well as with two parents, is a time of the presence of Jesus. I learned a lot of things when I studied, I have a MA in Bible Studies and I love to spread God’s word around the world.

There are two aspects to teaching your child to know God. One is teaching the facts of the Bible, the Old Testament stories and guidelines God has for us to live by, and the other is the experience of God’s presence and personal care.

You may know people who grew up in Christian homes and were taught about God as a child, but profess to not believe any of it. You may wonder how they could have missed developing faith.

A friend once told me that growing up with Christian teaching all around her, she never felt that God had a personal relationship with her. This is a fear many Christian parent have, and we often put our faith in the verse, `train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’

Yet if that personal connection with God is missing in childhood a child may wander a long time looking for it in the wrong places. Without the experience of knowing God, his presence and interaction in their own lives, Christian teaching is just a lot of facts.

There are special times when God comes close to us. One is prayer. God talks to us by the presence of his Spirit when we go to God in prayer by faith. Hearing your prayers and seeing your relationship with God is a powerful experience for your children. Taking steps of faith in family prayer will developing that relationship for themselves, and will be the foundation they build on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ.

Written by Ann Elliott. Reprinted with permission.


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