Separation Agreements Saskatoon

What kind of separation or divorce story do you want to write? You are not meant to embarrass yourself by your separation simply because you are separating. Here you will find information on your rights and obligations in the event of separation or divorce, as well as the services available to help you make your decisions. Lana began her career as a legal counsel, but after more than 10 years of practice, she decided that she could better serve her clients in a way that better reflects her opinions and values. As a separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, Lana`s primary goal is to support those going through the difficult process of separation and divorce in the best way possible. Looking for a separation agreement in Saskatchewan? We have very affordable lawyers who can help. They focus on excellent communication and working with their customers remotely. It saves them money. They can pass these savings on to their customers. Family lawyer and separation specialist Lana Wickstrom coaches clients in Saskatoon, SK and throughout Saskatchewan due to the difficult period of divorce and separation.

We are so overwhelmed by “fall and darkness” and “shame and guilt,” which are unfairly linked to separation and divorce, that most people feel resigned to chaos when they think of separation or divorce. No one is considering divorce or separation. When a couple meets in the couple, there is no “exit plan” that is usually implemented. Lana Wickstrom, a Separation Specialist in Saskatoon, SK, is a professional lawyer, social worker, mediator and coach. A separation specialist, she has experience in family law and handles separation contracts and divorce cases throughout the province of Saskatchewan. The Merchant Law team can help you tackle all the important issues of separation. These include the heritage division, sped custody, child custody and child care. Our team is experienced, caring and responsive.

We can give you the help you need. Through their legal interviews, clients receive assistance in sorting out the legal details that apply to their personal family situation. Lana offers an enlightened perspective on family law in Saskatoon, SK since the beginning of each couple`s separation story, supported by her years of experience. She points out to those seeking professional help that each situation is unique and will need personalized advice to enter into separation agreements in Saskatoon, SK. With Lana experienced in all aspects of family law in Saskatoon, SK can devote herself entirely to her new work model.


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