Storage Facility Rental Agreement

Last document verified and updated Jan 1, 2020.1. MONTHLY RENT. The duration is monthly on the first day of each month and automatically extends to any subsequent monthly period, unless the tenant provides Cannon Self Storage under [site name] (hereafter referred to as “Cannon Self Storage”) written notification of its intention to terminate the contract. This must be done before the first day of the following month. For some reason, the tenant is not entitled to a refund of the first month`s rent. The tenant is not entitled to a rent refund for part of the month in which the claim is made. Cannon Self Storage reserves the right to terminate a lease. The tenant will re-rent the accommodation during this stock rental contract at any time in a clean and neat condition. This memory unit lease agreement was entered into at the [Date of Agreement] by and between the parties of [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Name) and [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] (Tenant): If notifications or other contacts are required, parties to this agreement may be reached as follows: In addition, the law allows a member of the service to waive the protection provided by law.

The waiver applies if it is signed by the tenant during or after the end of active service. The contract, which waives the rights, must stipulate that it applies to the rental of storage space. In the absence of a waiver, an operator must receive a court order to delineate the land if the delinquent tenant is on active duty. The storage unit must be clean, emptied, in good condition and leased again. 7. USE OF THE STORAGE UNIT. Cannon Self Storage is not busy storing goods for rent and no derailments are created as part of this agreement. Cannon Self Storage has neither the preservation nor control of the tenant`s stored property.

The tenant agrees to use the storage unit only for the storage of the property 100% owned by the tenant. If damage is found beyond wear, the tenant agrees to pay for the damage before recovering his property in the storage unit. The tenant recognizes that the unit is not used as an apartment, business place or for purposes other than the storage of personal property. Any party may request the termination of this contract 30 days before the written notification. The notification must be made in writing and sent manually or by authenticated email to the responding party. 12. RULES THAT MUST BE STORED. NO food, explosives or ammunition oils (petrol. B, diesel, kerosene, minerals, etc.): other flammable substances (. For example, paint thinners, propane or butane, etc.), hazardous or toxic substances, substances or waste from live animals or odorous materials. LET`S NOT TAKE ME AWAY.

Dumpster is only used for our Cannon Self Storage Office and is not available for the disposal of personal items, petroleum products, hazardous or toxic materials, landscape materials or other objects. Cannon Self Storage has the right to establish rules and regulations for this operation, the safety, maintenance and cleanliness of the premises or the maintenance of order on the site. The tenant is committed to complying with all Cannon Self Storage rules that are now in effect or may come into effect from time to time. In the self-storage sector, the contract is not only the legal agreement between you and the consumer, but also a marketing tool. For this reason, the first essential part of your contract is aesthetics. It should be concise and printed in readable characters on as few pages as possible. It should display your company logo and contact information. Storage space and lease unit – this lease agreement, created and concluded by a tenancy agreement designated below as the tenant, attests: taking into account the obligation of the tenant to pay…


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