Four Swimming Pool Games for Summer

Are you planning to have a pool party this summer? Have you done pool remodeling lately? Whether for a birthday party, graduation, anniversary, or just a big get together of family and friends, pool parties are a fun way to keep cool and spend time together during the summer. You surely remember you should have your pool cleaned before swimming season begins, but just in case you are struggling to find a reliable contractor, contact this Swimming Pool Cleaning Services for Houston area. Here are some fun pool games to keep the kids busy and entertained while adults visit during the party.

Pool Noodle Joust

Give two children each a blow up air mattress and a pool noodle. Place the two children in the center of the pool and let them use the pool noodles to “joust” each other until they fall off their air mattress. Whoever stays on their air mattress longest wins. Whoever wins the first match gets to play a new player in the next match. Make sure that the kids are wearing wetsuits for their safety and comfort in the pool, you can buy quality wetsuits at Buy4Outdoors online website.

swimming pool games

Hidden Treasure

Scatter pennies all over the bottom of the swimming pool and let the kids dive for them and see who uncovers the most hidden treasure. If this is too easy for older children, then have them bring each coin to the side of the pool before they dive down for the next coin. You can also set a time limit and whoever gets the most coins during the designated time wins.


Have one child stand in the center of the swimming pool and have all the other children stand against one end of the pool.

The object of the game is for the children to swim across the pool without the “octopus” tagging them. If a child is tagged, then they have to hold hands with the octopus, becoming one of the octupus’ arms, and help tag other children.

The octopus grows bigger and bigger until one child remains untagged. That child wins the game.

Have the child who wins the first game be the octopus for the next game.

Water Freeze Tag

Designate one child to be “it”. The child who is it swims around and tries to tag other children. If a child is tagged they become frozen and cannot move until another child unfreezes them.

A person can be unfrozen if another player swims beneath the frozen person’s legs.

The object of the game is for the person who is it to tag all the other players before they can be unfrozen. After everyone is frozen, the game is over and the game can be played again with a new person chosen to be “it”.

Beach Ball Relay

Divide the children into two teams and give each team a beach ball. The object of the game is for the first player of each team to push their beach ball across the swimming pool and back using only their foreheads. Then it is the next person in line’s turn to swim across the pool and back.

Whichever team sends all their players across the pool and back first wins the game.

Pool games are great fun and a great addition to any summer party. Just keep in mind that with lots of kids in the pool at one time accidents can and will happen. The swimming pool should be maintained by pool services Orange California and other locations offering today. Children of any age should be supervised at all times while swimming. Make sure swimming safety rules are posted and observed by party guests to ensure a fun time for all. Also, the Ultimate Pool Guide recommends these vacuums for easy maintenance of swimming pools.

Reference: Lake Management Company Orange.


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