How to Teach Your Toddler Good Manners

As a parent, we always want our children to grow up healthy, smart, and be well off in life. Between finding their soul mate, working their dream job, and just being a well-rounded person, they need to be taught certain things from a very young age. One thing that will benefit them their whole life is having good manners.

If your toddler is getting to that age where everything is “mine”, they don’t want to share, and they’re not too familiar with having good manners, now is the time to teach them before it becomes too late! Not sure how to start teaching your little one? Continue reading below for some ideas to get you both started!

5 Ways to Teach Your Toddler Good Manners

Practice what you preach: If you have good manners and you’re a polite person, your child already has an advantage. They will pick up on certain things you say, as well as your actions.

So, if they see you saying “please” and “thank you” to things, they will already understand that’s what you’re supposed to say and more than likely do it too.

Show them the benefits: Show them the many benefits of being polite and the consequences of being rude. If they are polite, reward them with something they’d enjoy.

Although, if they’re rude, make sure you discipline them by giving them a time out, or even send them to their room.

Read stories: There are many children’s books that discuss good manners. If they read books with these actions and sayings they will see that everyone else has good manners so they should too.

Consider TV shows and movies: Find some movies or TV episodes and have them watch the characters use good manners. Talk them through it and point out how they use good manners. This is a great way to again see other people using good manners, and it can also teach them when to say what.

Be consistent: In order for your child to grasp the importance of having good manners, you really need to be consistent. Don’t let your child get away with being rude or disrespectful. If they are, show them the consequences and discuss their bad behavior.

Although you can’t control your child’s every move or word that comes out of their mouth, you can certainly be a good role model. Teach them good behavior and manners with the help of these tips and most importantly, be consistent and teach them through your good manners.

Written by Lauren Dzuris.


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