Terms And Conditions Of Rental Car Agreements

3. Based on the basic instructions of the government agency (1), the company requires that at the time of the execution of the lease, the tenant presents the licence to the company: and may also require a photocopy of the driver`s licence (s) designated (s) by the tenant (hereafter referred to as “driver”) so that the company enters the name and address of the driver and the type and number of the driver`s licence (2) in the driver`s vehicle register (original rental card) and in the rental certificate covered by section 14.1. In this case, if the tenant is the driver himself, the tenant must also provide a photocopy of his driver`s licence to the company and, if the tenant himself is not the driver, the driver must present his own driver`s licence to the company and can also make a photocopy of it. 3.7. If the tenant does not return the vehicle to the agreed location at the time of return, the tenant pays the rental fee for one day for each start of the 24-hour period (additional rental days are charged in accordance with clause 5.3). The tenant or driver must return the rental vehicle to the company at the place of return indicated at the expiry or before the expiry of the rental period. 2.5.4. for travel on the ground or on roads not intended for the vehicle; 2. If the tenant accepts the offer under section 5.1, the company leases the replacement vehicle to the same rental conditions offered at the time of booking, not the rental vehicle category. If the replacement vehicle rental fee is higher than the reserved vehicle category, the rental fee applies to the reserved vehicle category and, if the replacement vehicle rental fee is lower than in the reserved category, the rental fee applies to the replacement vehicle category. When the company imposes monetary obligations on the tenant under this agreement, the company may at any time deduct these monetary obligations from the rental and other monetary obligations that the tenant bears to the company, regardless of the maturity date of the tenant`s monetary obligations.


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