Thumbprint Leaf Craft

This week’s theme at library story time was fall leaves. The boys heard some cute stories about fall, and they made this fall tree craft. Of course they loved doing the craft because it involved putting their hands on an ink pad!

For this craft all you need are some ink pads and a black and white drawing of a tree. You can draw your own tree or search for a drawing online. This tree template would work well.

thumb print leaf

Have your child place his or her thumb or other fingertip in the ink and then press onto the page to make a fall leaf. You will need a variety of ink pads. Make sure to get the kind for kids that will wash off easily. The library had some neat ink pads that were large enough to fit the child’s entire hand.

Baby wipes work well for quick clean up. While your child is completing the craft, you can talk about all the colors of fall leaves.

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