Tons of Balloon Fun

Balloons are fun for all ages! Try these balloon activities and then see how many more uses you can find for balloons!

Balloon Garden

Using a funnel, pour 1/2 cup of soil into a clear balloon. Hold the balloon firmly by the neck and add 1/4 cup of water to the soil. The soil should be wet, but not soggy. Next, pour seeds into the balloon (small plants such as a few sprout seeds or 2 radish seeds).

Gently blow air into the balloon. When it’s almost full, tie a knot in the neck without tipping the balloon. Tie a ribbon or a piece of kite string around the knot, and hang the balloon near a window. Watch your garden grow!

Balloon Tap

Simply inflate a few balloons and tie knots in the ends. Tie pieces of yarn or kite string of different lengths to each balloon. Use small plant hooks to attach the ends of the strings to the ceiling. Now let your toddler run, jump and tap the balloons to music!

Confetti Balloons

Make your own confetti by using a hole punch to cut small circles out of different colors of paper. When you have a handful of confetti, pour it into a balloon with a funnel. Blow air into the balloon and tie a knot in the end. Pop the balloon to celebrate!

Balloon Roll

This game is just like the race where you roll an egg or small ball across the floor with your nose–except you roll a balloon instead! Make sure not to over-inflate the balloons; a too-loud POP so close to the face may frighten younger children.

Balloon Tennis

Glue the end of a wooden paint stir stick, or a cardboard wrapping paper tube, to a paper plate; this is your racket. Blow up a balloon, tie a knot in the end, and gently tap the balloon with your racket. Tennis anyone?

Chemical Balloon

Use a funnel to pour 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a clean glass soda or juice bottle. Next, pour in roughly 1/2 cup of vinegar. Stretch the neck of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle fast! Vinegar mixed with baking soda produces carbon dioxide gas, which fills the balloon.

Water Balloon Toss

Use a water faucet or a funnel to fill a balloon with water. Stand a few feet away from your each other. Toss the balloon to your partner with a gentle, underhand motion. When you have caught the balloon once, take a few steps away from each other and try again. Who wins? Who cares! Wet or dry, everyone has fun!

Written by Deborah Shelton.


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