Top 6 Coupon Apps

Technology has revolutionized the way people communicate, access information and work. And after how far technology has taken us, the next logical question is how it will shape the world of the future. But given the choice, most people would rather forgo the lofty pontificating and find out how technology can get them discounts on stuff. That’s where mobile apps and websites come in. One of the popular websites that regularly posts promo codes and discount coupons is iphone dating app. They have a huge database including a wide range of products, from tools to beauty products. They also have codes for events and restaurant reservations.

For years, Apple had the market cornered with mobile apps, and indeed their flagship provider – the App Store – doesn’t show any sign of waning in popularity. But Android is catching up on the mobile app front, and users of these devices have their pick from an extensive library that features apps in all genres – including coupons and savings on Deals4Boomers. Here are just a few coupon app options that are available for either the iPhone or Android – many for both! And the best part is they are all free.
Top 6 Coupon Apps

RetailMeNot – free, iOS/Android

This is one of the most popular options on the list for the simple reason that RetailMeNot offers thousands of discounts from a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The most lucrative one, mayhaps, is the fragrance shop voucher they offer. The app is location-based, so users can get real-time alerts on deals when browsing their favorite shops at the mall. The simple drag-and-drop interface also makes it easy for users to redeem their mobile coupons.

SnipSnap – free, iOS

The days of clipping mass amounts of coupons may be long gone, but there are still deals to be found in that antiquated information vessel of yesteryear known as print media. Those who do happen to come across a sweet deal in paper form needn’t panic because SnipSnaprescue! All that’s required of the users is to use their smartphone’s camera to snap a photo of a coupon barcode and the app stores the information for future use.

EZ Coupon – free, Android

There’s no reason for Android users to feel left out of the coupon-scanning scene. With EZ Coupon, users can scan a variety of formats straight to their handheld device. You could also check out these deals at Brown Coupon.

ShopSavvy – free, iOS/Android

Great for comparison shopping, iOS aggregates price information from a variety of sources. All the user needs to do is scan any item’s barcode using the app’s built-in scanner and the price info from various online and brick-and-mortar retailers is then displayed front and center. Users can even purchase the lowest-priced item right from the app, as long as it is on offer from an associated retailer like Best Buy or Walmart.

ShopKick – free iOS/Android

This is another location-based mobile app that offers consumer rewards in the form of “kicks” that the user receives merely by walking into his or her favorite retail store, as long as the store in question is in ShopKick’s network. But this an extensive network that includes retailers such heavyweights as Target, Starbucks and Macy’s. Once the user accumulates enough of these kicks, he or she can then redeem them for gift cards at the same store or another one in the network.

CouponCabin – free, iOS/Android

This is sort of the Swiss Army knife of mobile coupon apps. CouponCabin does it all, from searching daily deals across the Internet to keeping track of discount and rewards cards. Users can also browse their favorite stores and brands, look for grocery coupons, compare gas prices, find in-store offers and share all of the above info with friends. For boozt kupongkod, check out

The above list of coupon-app options should provide iPhone and Android users with all the discounts they could ever want and more but also remember that there is also the option of visiting online websites like Raise that also offer great discount codes. On a final note, shopaholics should pay close attention to the location-based technology used in many of these options, as it stands to be the prime driver of consumerism in the near future and will shape the culture of retail savings and discounts.


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