Travel Journals

Travel journals are a fun and memorable way to teach your children to record life’s memorable moments as they travel. A Travel Journal is similar to a regular journal and is a good tip we got from a great post to read online about family travel.

You can use a binder and insert notebook paper – or buy a hard bound journal book. Every time you go on a vacation – whether it is a road trip or by airplane – bring the travel journals with you.

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Write down what you see and experience, what you learn about the city or country you are visiting and insert postcards, brochures and pictures from the trip. Older children can write in their own journals while younger children can tell you what they want you to write for them.

Travel Journals not only encourage writing skills, they are a wonderful activity to entertain your children while they travel. As the books fill up – what wonderful memories and warm feelings they will be filled with! You might want to start one for yourself too! I have:)

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