Five Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Car

Every harried mom and dad knows what it’s like to drive with the kids in the back seat fighting and screaming their heads off. It’s not unusual for a child to act up in the car; they’re bored, trapped and often have nothing to do.

Driving while being distracted puts you at risk for accidents, which, in turn, raises your chance for filing an insurance claim. If an accident involves a pedestrian and they manage to find the right type of lawyer the legal consequences for a driver can be unpredictable. They can range from marred Paint Protection to mulct of all kinds. It only makes sense to keep your kids entertained in the car, and more importantly, your insurance from a company like Utility Saving Expert, covered. Here are five ways that you can do just that:

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1. Activity Bag

Let your kids put together an activity bag full of their favorite things to do and keep the bag in the car. Your toddler may want to include a coloring book and a box of crayons. Your older child may want to include a puzzle book or a few favorite magazines. When your kids pack their bag, make sure that they don’t include anything that is going to ruin your interior if spilled or twirled around: paints, markers, glue and glitter, among other things, should be avoided.

2. Snacks

A child whose mouth is full is rarely able to scream and cry. Keep a small container full of snacks in the car, and be sure to pack several bottles of water or fruit juice along with your snacks. This food box will not only keep hungry kids from getting crabby, but it will prevent those tireless inquiries for fast food. Make sure that the snacks that you choose to pack are healthy ones.

3. Mobile Devices

If you have a mobile device, consider downloading a few kids’ movies or your kids’ favorite songs. Let your kids hold onto the device while they’re in the car. Watching a movie or listening to their favorite music will keep your kids quiet for a good stretch of time. Make sure that your children are using ear buds turned to a reasonable volume to prevent the movie from distracting your driving.

4. Books

Books are a great way to keep young readers entertained in the car. You should be aware that not all children can read in the car without experiencing motion sickness. If your child is reading and begins to complain of a headache or nausea, have them put the book down and close their eyes. For these children, books on tape would be a better option.

5. Road Games

If you’re stuck for a way to entertain your children in the car, introduce them to the fun world of road games. Play “I Spy” with your kids or encourage them to look for out-of-state license plates. Keeping your children engaged in a task will keep them occupied and out of your hair; at least for a little while. Ask the kids to keep the noise to a dull roar if they become overly engaged in their new game.

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Distracted driving can be very dangerous, no matter the cause of your distraction. Follow the five tips above and you’ll find that driving with your little passengers becomes a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.


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