What Is A Unit Pledge Agreement

The amounts due under this note are made by a ———- commitment of 374,700 Class A units of the Company: 41,633 of the L-Class units, 387.92 of the Company`s Class B units and 412,681 Class C units of the Company, pursuant to a specific unit collateral agreement dated to the date of this agreement , provided by and between management and the entity (the “contract” of the company). At the same time as the implementation of this agreement, the entity and management conclude the commitment agreement of the governing entity in the form of Schedule B (“the pledge agreement”) for co-invest units. Any change of contract that is notified to the deceased member`s estate pursuant to this section 27 (c) (iv) is (i) payable quarterly over a period of no more than five (5) years and is included with interest at the premium rate and (ii) by the deceased member units, in accordance with the form of the contract of engagement of the member group attached to the annex “O” and listed in the annex (“affiliation agreement”). of interest. This is also guaranteed by the affiliate unit guarantee agreement, executed by the borrower for the benefit of the lender (the “Pledge Agreement”), whose terms are included and partly provided by this communication, according to which the borrower mortgaged all of EnSurge NM`s equity as collateral for the borrower`s obligations in the transaction documents. With respect to the merger, the borrower entered into a modified and reputed obligation, which is covered by a unit pledge agreement from the date of the agreement (as may be amended or amended from time to time, the new note) to prove the borrower`s commitment to repay the sum of one hundred thousand dollars $100,000 (the “loan”).


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