Embedded Software License Distribution Agreement

11 From time to time, the parties may exchange information about marketing and distribution opportunities through Oracle`s management partner application. When we participate in opportunity management with Oracle`s partner management application, both parties agree to use this information in accordance with Oracle`s partner opportunity routing policy, and all information exchanged about sales opportunities must be prequalified by the providing party. You can access the current version of oracle Partner Management Opportunity Routing Policy (you must register, select program members, and then read the Membership section). T. URL It is your responsibility to regularly monitor all applicable URLs to which this Agreement refers. You confirm that you have access to the Internet and that you confirm that you have read the policies on the websites mentioned above before entering into this agreement and that you accept the terms set out in these Policies. You agree to regularly visit the sites mentioned above so that you are aware of any changes Oracle makes to these policies from time to time. The end users of the U.S. government`s Oracle programs, including documentation provided to U.S. government end users, are commercial computer software, in accordance with current federal procurement regulations (FAR) and complementary authority-specific rules. Therefore, the use, reproduction, disclosure, modification and adaptation of programs, including documentation, are subject to the license and license limitations provided for in this Agreement and, where applicable, to the additional rights set forth in the FAR License Rights, Commercial Computer Software Restricted Rights (June 1987). V. Ethical Business Practices You acknowledge and agree that you and your owners, directors, officers, employees or representatives have not paid or promise, directly or indirectly, payments of money or anything of value to government officials or officials, political parties or candidates for political office in governments or public international organizations, in order to maintain or retain business or obtain an inappropriate advantage.

or to another person or entity, if such payment would be contrary to the law or contracts in force of the country in which it is made or to the laws of the United States of America. You agree to abide by the terms of the Oracle Partner Rights and Business Code, which is available under (you must log in, select the Start tab and the “Manage Membership” portlet). You agree that any breach of this Section constitutes just cause for Oracle to terminate this Agreement immediately, without any liability to you. You release Oracle and its parent company from all claims, losses and liabilities resulting from a breach of your obligations under this Section. The obligations arising from this Section shall apply even after the termination or expiration of this Agreement. W. Throughout the Agreement, you agree that this Agreement and the information expressly included in this Agreement by written reference (including reference to information in a referenced URL or guideline) shall, together with the order and/or monthly report, be the complete agreement for the programs and/or services you have ordered and that such agreement is in accordance with all ongoing or concurrent agreements or assurances are Replaced. in writing or orally with respect to these programs and services. . .



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